Small enterprises still need official website?

small enterprises still need official website

Mobile internet era, small enterprises still need official website? The problem of traffic proportion is not important People who do network marketing are very concerned about traffic issues.

In the fiery background of mobile internet and artificial intelligence, the PC side seems to be out of breath. At the end of 2014, the data traffic of global internet users based on mobile APP exceeded the traffic of PC. At the end of 2016, the mobile end traffic of global network users accounted for 51.2%, surpassing the PC end traffic for the first time.

Now it is said that the e-commerce platform’s PC-to-mobile traffic ratio is about 2: 8, and some even alarmed that it has reached 1: 9. Everything seems to be showing and emphasizing that in the mobile Internet era, mobile-end traffic is king, and mobile-end network marketing is the way to win. However, the PC side still plays a pivotal role on the internet and in the lives and work of users.


Micro and small enterprises still need official website?

As of Jan 2020, the number of active internet users reached 4.54, and Unique mobile internet users reached 4.18, Active social media users 3.8 and Active mobile social media users 3.75 billion;

In the Internet era, for small and medium enterprises, do they still need to be the official website of the enterprise? What should I do? Choose a corporate website module or custom development on demand?

Outline of this article:

First, what is the purpose of the official website of SMEs? 8 functions of the official website

Second, Which one is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises?

Third, the website template and website platform recommendation

Fourth, the initial plan of a customized website


First, what is the purpose of the official website of SMEs? 8 functions of the official website


Scenario 1: The official website is an important window to help users and customers understand the enterprise.

Imagine that if you don’t have an official website when you need to introduce customers to your products and the situation of the company, can you only send a large number of scattered product introductions and product information to prospective customers?

If you have an official website, you can directly send a link to the official website, or users can search for your company’s name online, and you can see your company’s introduction, product introduction, etc. on the official website, and even provide product display. , And for users to browse and choose.


Scenario 2: The official website is the basis for users to trust the product.

Imagine that the salesman advertised to the store how healthy and robust his own company was, and then when the store or dealer searched for the company name on the internet, he could not find any official company introduction, even the official website. As far as dealers and users are concerned, trust is significantly reduce.

According to the search habits of users, even if your product is the best and the service is the best, they will habitually search for your website through search keywords, hoping to learn more about the enterprise through the official website.

If you have the company’s official website, when users have doubts about the product, and they have a bit of worry about the company, they can search online and enter the company’s official website to learn that the company is capable, the company’s official website information, qualification certificates, etc. Trust.

Besides, users can learn about their own companies through the company’s official website so that they can significantly increase their public awareness.

To sum up, the company’s official website has eight functions:


  1. Can establish a corporate brand image
  2. Can enhance corporate credibility
  3. Can promote the brand
  4. Can display product information
  5. Can spread the corporate culture
  6. Can be sold online
  7. Can publish information
  8. Can expand sales channels



Which one is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises?


(1) Website template

Overview: Choose a set of satisfactory templates, then set up your sections and add and add content, so that a website is quickly design.

Disadvantages: lack of personality and simple functions, can not add the required features and services for secondary development.

Because the template is use to build the station, the modules are fixed, so when setting, you cannot flexibly adjust each section, let alone carry out subsequent development.

Therefore, even if all the content is passed on, the charm of the enterprise will be a little less in terms of effect.

Advantages: fast, convenient and cost-saving


(2) Customized website development on demand

Overview: Enterprises can design the website according to their actual situation and the development requirements of the enterprise. This includes website color matching, style setting, frame setting, etc.

Disadvantages: The development cycle is long, and the production cost is higher than the website template construction site, ranging from 2w-5w yuan, and the construction period and quotation are evaluated according to the needs of the website.

Advantages: Through custom development, the personalized design of the enterprise can be fully displayed, and the website is more suitable for the company from security to code, which can be more conducive to future maintenance. Even if you want to add any features to the website in the future, you can make changes promptly. The opportunity for subsequent development is higher than the template site.


(3) As for how to choose

If the required functions are relatively simple, just for display, do not need too much corporate style, and the company’s budget is limited and needs to be use soon, then it is recommended to choose a template to build the site;

If the company has high requirements for the company’s image and functions highlighted on the website and considers long-term development needs, it is suitable for custom development. It can be done on mobile + PC (mobile phone and the computer open the website to view the information are very comfortable typesetting) Experience).

The above suggestions on whether SMEs should be the official website and how to do it ~ For more details, you can leave a message and interact with us.

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