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Edge of short video marketing

Edge of short video marketing

Analysis of the four core edge of short video marketing

Small business need a short video marketing – With the development of various media, various marketing methods have also come into view. Including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok marketing and more. However, short video marketing has also attracted the attention of many people in the recent period. So what are the advantages of short video marketing? I will share with you today.

First, More professional marketing planning.

Short video marketing is different from ordinary web marketing. Making videos is a relatively professional job. Just like making movies, you need a good director, planning, scripting, etc. At the same time, you also need a cameraman, sound engineer, lighting engineers and so on, so this is not something that can be done by one person, but the strength of a team that can do it well. Of course, some short video marketing masters play selfies. Short video marketing planning is more professional. It is also because of its high professionalism that it will avoid imitation behaviours. This can ensure the uniqueness of marketing planning.

Second, the brand is more powerful.

Compared with text, the video has a visual impact and can be more implanted in the human mind. This is also the difference between watching novels and watching TV, and people will feel more relaxed when watching videos, which is also a great advantage of short videos. Moreover, it can be more flexible to convey the brand’s image and product effects and can leave a deep impression on people. This is also the most auspicious place for short video marketing methods. At the same time, because it has a lot of latitudes, including the dimension of bowel scope video, people will be more, and some other aspects, and may even extend people’s spatial imagination, so people will be more interested in short videos, thereby reducing Advertising repulsion.

Third, Increased interaction.

Due to the high latitude of short videos and the inherent curiosity of people, users generally accept new things and are even interested in imitating them. Therefore, users are likely to mirror this based on video ads. Video, also to create a new video, but the video’s publicity has been increased virtually, thus achieving the purpose of marketing. At present, there are many short video marketing platform pages. Since the content segment has been permanently closed, the download volume of small volcanic videos, best friends and other apps have soared. We only need to upload videos to these short video platforms, and large movie and television websites Generate interactive comments, likes, and reposts with users in a short time. Plan the content of the short video, and it is likely to become an influencer overnight.

Fourth, Broader channels.

With the fast development of the Internet today, live broadcast is no stranger to anyone, and there are various live broadcast platforms on the Internet. This is to take advantage of the characteristics of the live broadcast. With the features of the Internet, marketers can send short videos to various live broadcast platforms, so that more people can watch them, and suddenly they have achieved the effect of publicity and the purpose of promotion.

And with the development of smartphones, even on some TikTok platforms, the re-transmission volume of short videos is getting higher and higher, so no matter which platform you use, you can increase the playback and viewing volume of the video to achieve better publicity.

Of course, in addition to the advantages described above, Forthright Media thinks that the most prominent feature of short video marketing is that it is interesting, just like we usually see a book. Still, it may not necessarily open it, but if We walked on the street and saw a video playing, many people would stop and watch for two seconds, because it can give people a sense of relaxation, instead of simple traditional marketing solutions, people feel This kind of cramping, so the short video marketing program should be welcomed by more and more people, and it will also promote the development of various marketing products.